Minecraft 1.15

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Spigot/Vanilla/BungeeCord 1.15 is out for general use and has been added to MCPanel but there seem to bee major Minecraft bugs

I probably wouldn't recommend this version for production use but use at your own risk, always make a full backup though and you'll be fine, take a backup of all worlds at least before updating.

Apart from the bugs people are also saying 1.15 has better performance compared to 1.14.4


md_5(Spigot creator) said:

released for general usage. This is a minor update with few server changes. Accordingly the API changes are minimal and full compatibility with 1.14.x API plugins is expected

me4502(WorldEdit developer) from this Spigot post said:

We haven't pushed an official build [for WorldEdit] as there are a few pretty major Minecraft bugs that larger block changes can trigger (think entirely corrupt worlds), so I strongly recommend keeping backups.


Some people are also reporting issues with ProtocolLib and players not being able to join

I will be opening the GalaxyMC Hosting test server which will run Spigot 1.15 with plugins till January, IP: testserver.mcserver.gg
These plugins are running on the test server and all load up successfully(Make sure they are on the latest version though), feel free to join and mess about with them
Read more about Spigot 1.15 here
Read about Vanilla/Minecraft 1.15 here or here

Thank you for continuing to use and trust GalaxyMC. Feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns by DMing xboxfly15 on Discord!